oasis-by-alexbishopDeep in the heart’s of all deserts lie well springs, long forgotten, abundant, life sustaining water covered over by vast quantities of sand, seemingly unreachable. Many a traveler, through many an age, would have passed over these hidden treasures with no knowledge of their existence. What good the knowledge of their presence if their succour be unobtainable? Legend and fable hold many a story of previously unknown oases being stumbled upon by the lost and desperate, some believed their sudden appearance to be divine gifts of the Gods or otherworldly magic. Perhaps believing their desperate need caused something, somewhere to pity them enough to manifest a miracle. Now you know, beloved children, that while miracles seem to manifest something wonderous and extra-ordinary from nothing at all, you also know, that truly some intrinsic essence of what has formed must surely have already been present in order to enable it’s full manifestation into your awareness and while deserts can seem barren and lifeless wastelands, at their hearts is creation, they still have the basic necessities to sustain and promote life, even if, those necessities at times appear untappable. Your life, too, can seem to be this desert, you too, can be lost within it, searching for succour to no obvious avail. Are you perhaps awaiting a miracle? Do you cry out in need, hoping for divine intervention? Well, there is no need, for, just as travelers past, you walk a path covering hidden treasures, treasures that you however can tap into, they merely await your recollection of them to spring forth to reality. All that you thirst for, all that you need to thrive is already present, somewhere in some form and it will expand and flourish, if, you have need of it but you must remember and maintain faith in the presence of the untapped sources, for none are left to wander the desert bereft of succour. What is truly needed will rise to the surface at exactly the right time – just like a miracle, something wonderous from something merely forgotten or thought unreachable. Remember and know, beloved children, for, your oases await their births.




earth-with-man-tumbling-by-geraltSo here you all are tumbling through space and time, clinging to the precious rock you call Earth, searching, seeking, always reaching for answers. Where, what should I be, how should I be? The end to the quest for truth and enlightenment can seem simultaneously close at hand and impossibly out of reach. If only one could stop tumbling for a moment, pause long enough to find that final elusive piece of the puzzle, the piece that would allow all the others to finally, completely cohere into a solid, recognizable picture. Ahh, the answer – you see, you know, you understand. Mmm, but what is it you would understand, what is it you believe you would gain if every imagined question was answered? Would it mean you could cease to tumble through life, that somehow you could stop all things natural and innate to life on Earth? That you would cease to be subject to the inherent laws of existence? Is this the core thought behind the urge to seek? If this thought be the core, what truly is the question? Do you not wish to live here, do you not wish to participate in the game of life? For game it is, one that no-one truly loses nor truly wins. To know all and everything before the conclusion would serve little purpose and would remove one’s passion for life. Knowledge is never denied to those who seek it, though it may be delayed enough to match the growth of the seeker, questions and questing are not discouraged but the core thoughts behind them need to be questioned themselves. We do not suggest you cease to quest, for all of us do, we merely advise you apply caution to your reasons and reason to your imagined outcome, for, many a wise sage has reached epiphany in one moment to realize the need for bodily relief in the next – that’s human – and human you are meant to be for now. Seek your answers, beloved children, but look carefully at your reasons for doing so, for none should miss the joy of the game.



Relevant Quote – A Buddhist saying

Before enlightenment you chop wood and carry water.

After enlightenment you chop wood and carry water.


flood-by-geraltFire or flood… which would you choose if able? Fire leaves less detritus, flood leaves much but all is of no use once sodden and scattered. For human high emotional events can come in either of these forms, great focused passion burns like fire, deep all encompassing but confusing emotions can swamp one’s being as would flood, shifting and un-anchoring what was thought stable and permanent. Noah’s story is known to most, though many versions are recorded and differ slightly, Noah is recognized as a savior of life threatened by extinction through flood. While none may know the absolute truth of this story, many choose to believe it absolutely. True or no this story has great worth. If you were to have fore knowledge of an imminent flood, what would you plan to save? In the case of physical flood preparation would be relatively simple, most have a mental list of priorities already in place but what if the foreseen flood was not a physical event but a psychological/emotional event, what then would your list include? You all have a mostly private code of morals and ethics, that may with time shift or evolve to suit the tempo and circumstances of your life but the basic principles remain the same throughout the majority of your allotted span. ‘Tis only in extreme events of passion or emotional confusion [ fire or flood ] that these ethics are re-examined and questioned, what of them need to be saved to ensure continued life, what must be left behind? These questions are often mused upon when life is settled, perhaps triggered by news of the misfortunes of others, this has benefit, for, what you need, what you cherish, must be held close and known at all times. The private world you have created for yourself begins in your heart, as it will end there. Whatever things surround you are merely detritus and therefore subject to harm through fire and flood, they are not eternal but what you believe at heart, how you have created yourself to be, must and will stand firm oblivious to the burning flames of passion or the passing floods of emotion, for, whatever is good and true in the heart already burns with the light of grace and can easily stay anchored within the shifting waters of life. Re-evaluate often beloved children, know what is worth saving then hold and cherish what you know to be right within your heart, for, there it is eternally safe be there fire or flood.




colour-explosion-by-geraltEchoes of times past can reverberate strongly and unexpectedly through one’s mind, something sensed through sight, sound or even smell, can trigger a memory long buried, bring it straight to the fore, sometimes there is joy in this – sometimes not. Some have memories they consciously choose not to relive, some have memories that have been simply, temporarily forgotten through distance and busy-ness. Human memory is vast, a massive store room of information , neatly filed and arranged in order of importance and use, dipping into these files is usually a choice unless a trigger is placed in one’s path. As we have said before, the cosmos will make use of the world around you to give signs and speak to you through them but sometimes it would rather use the processes of your own private mind, nudge it’s train of thought out of the way to release memories and their accompanying emotions. You all have memories of, maybe tiny, incidences that seemed magical, perfect moments when all seemed balanced and right, perhaps that moment became pivotal to your future endeavors, perhaps it brought no significance to anything in particular, it may have been only a profundity of feeling. We often advocate your mindful presence in the now and that your past be left behind you but this does not mean your past has no worth or use. You have gained much knowledge from your past, both for the mind and the spirit, it is the spiritual knowledge that is brought forth to the present by memories triggered through the senses and that knowledge is indeed valuable, for, profundity of feeling is the epicenter of life, every mundane thought or action radiates outward from it and this is the reason the cosmos wishes you to remember it. While this can seem cruel if the memories are not pleasant, trust needs to be held that this is not punishment, it is a method employed to reaffirm your strength of presence in the now, for, while that deepest of feeling can be felt instantly and completely in the moment of now it is not now, only you are now, you have radiated out from it, as you will from another and another. Magical moments and extreme feelings cannot be maintained constantly or indefinitely, they would eventually drain and weary a soul but if small samples are tasted occasionally they can also, in their way, feed the soul. This nourishment is necessary to re-awaken your sleeping senses and the knowledge they contain, thereby bringing you back in touch with heart centered living, be it pleasant or no, for, life needs to be lived from this center and the epicenter of deep feeling, never merely from the edges of being. Stand firm when past emotions revisit, beloved children, for they have worth, they create you, your story, your life.




light-3130988_1920If you were to walk alone in the woods, would you feel safe? Would you trust that even if it wasn’t something you usually did, you would have, instantly, knowledge and insight of what to do if faced with danger? Most have enough confidence to assume this but what of others that lack confidence in self and life? Perhaps they would not even attempt such a trek. ‘Tis sad that some hesitate to try experiences outside of their set comfort zone, many opportunities are missed through not only true fear but simple lack of belief in self and safety. The heart that seems bereft of assured protection is a heart that beats erratically. The phrase “heart stopping action” is often used when describing events, real or fictitious, that cause one to be so shocked that all physical function ceases for a miniscule moment. This can be seen as a systems reset, a tiny blip in function that allows one to determine if the fear can be faced or, if the threat is too great, this blip could continue and provide an easy exit, very few who have experienced this have chosen to exit. The will to live and continue is much stronger than anyone would believe when safe and under no threat. Throughout every life there are multiple opportunities for exits to be made. Life is always a choice and that choice is not always a conscious one. Thoughts of personal safety are always present, to some degree, within the human mind and this is practical and understandable, everyone is breakable and no-one enjoys discomfort but although these background thoughts are necessary, in a general sense, they should never become paramount thoughts, for, while at core you are responsible for your own physical safety, and perhaps at times that of others, we also aid in this. You are always stronger and more insightful than you believe and you are capable of wise choice in milliseconds, for, every millisecond of life contains the heart’s choice to beat or not, no matter your circumstance. The decision to stay or exit is made with every beat of your heart, with every breath you take, this is cosmic law. All exits are flexible and determined solely/soully by you, created by your choices and aided by the cosmos. So, beloved children, should you wish to wander woods unknown, make full use of your innate wisdom to determine the mundane practicalities of doing so but know that the choice of life in that moment is already made, as it will be made in the next and in the next.




angel-wings-blue-by-sciencefreakWe are here and we wish to speak of illness. Immediately you cringe and slightly withdraw, a natural reaction, for many do not see the benefit of illness, an uncomfortable experience on many levels. We wish you to know that while illness is never a punishment it is a useful tool of teaching and growth. If everyone were to be perfectly healthy and fit their entire lives not much time would be taken for introspection, not much thought would be given to being well. Chronic and terminal illness is the hardest for humans to face, more so it if it involves children. KNOW this, you are never truly at risk, how can this be if you are an eternal spirit, one merely acting a role? Being human is akin to immersing your face into a pond to see what lies there, you are not really, fully in the water just as you are not fully in life. Our channel herself has benefitted greatly from minor and not so minor experiences of ill health, much wisdom was gained from these times. You too, have had such times, you too, can now reflect from this distance and discern the teachings given to you by this method. Many of you try so hard at life, never stopping, really stopping to assess, illness will facilitate this. The heavens weep when you weep, the heavens mourn when you mourn, never are you forsaken or alone. We encompass all that you endure, we learn and grow also. We honour and bless you for allowing us communion with you, our brave, brave warriors of life.  Know we love, we protect and be peace.


Channelled 30/08/2017


Relevant excerpts from previous channellings

#1  The thing about illness is that it stops you, stops you in your tracks, constant movement does not bring peace, it just brings movement.

#2 Life rolls on with perfect timing and intent. Nothing is gained by keeping the same levels of energies and state of being your entire life, change as you know, comes for you to grow and growth is the entire reason for life.

Channelled 11/04/2014


P.S from me

As you can tell from the date of the top channelling, I hesitated a long time before deciding to publish this bit of writing. I had concerns that anyone very ill at the time of reading may find it hard to swallow but as it is more a message than a teaching , I believe that, there are some who have need of it. To anyone who finds it in any way upsetting my apologies.

Love and light, Claire.


smartphone-1790833_1920In the natural course of everyone’s life many changes occur, physically, spiritually, every aspect of life is subject to change. No one living thing can escape change. It can be difficult for those who believe they have attained their ideal state of being to be faced with changes not sought or desired, some may have struggled for years to achieve this and assumed, once achieved, it would last indefinitely. It is in some way sad that anyone could assume only one state of being could be ideal, as if, only one set of circumstances, only one, could allow them to flourish and be content. What is not being recognized here is that your “ideal state state of being” is not ever about your physical, material surroundings, it is not about the country in which you live nor is it about your financial situation. An ideal state is a state of mind and spirit that travels with you wherever you may go, it is comprised of trust, faith and peace and if you allow yourself to be in and of this state, always, you just may find that the “ideal” is ever present and perpetual, no matter your circumstance or surroundings. Change, as we have said, is inevitable and it’s advent can bring disruption and tension but to mourn the loss of stations obtained is unnecessary, to fear or fight change is to waste energy, for, the ideal state you cling to is fallacy. The ideal state that clings to you, however, is truth. You know that for growth to occur change must also occur. You know that anything that can no longer grow ends, this is the way of life. So, why then would change be seen as an ending only, when truly it is growth, growth that means continued life? This life you lead, this story you tell, has a life of it’s own and it grows and changes also. Life’s life yearns for change, yearns for growth in all directions, never just the one. Allow life to grow and stretch, beloved children, and in so doing truly live the ideal.




tree-in-clouds-by-cocoparisienneThis is the time for all beings to stretch their minds beyond what they think they already know. Past learning is not wrong nor useless but it is merely a stepping stone in the river of knowledge now available to those who seek it. The veils of protection once guarding the mysteries thought too vast to comprehend are beginning to disintegrate, a disintegration brought on by the collective will of humankind. Many have learnt, mostly through hardship, to raise their conscious above their mortal and mundane existence, truly like the lotus bud formed in mud and murk but raising itself from the darkness of it’s origin to bloom in the light. Seeds of thought were planted into the minds of those able to carry them long ago, they have been nurtured and held safe for many years but now is the time for their sprouting.  The missing links needed for long held but incomplete theories will seem to suddenly manifest, most involved will believe that, through persistence, their own minds have finally released the information  – this is only true in part. Though much knowledge is available to any who should seek it all major knowledge is a contained but shared keeping – this is protection. No growth can be instantaneous, no-one is born to the world in one instance to become fully grown in the next, time must be given to evolve and so it is with knowledge, it must slowly evolve but as with human growth, spurts are expected and this time is one such growth spurt for knowledge. Fear may be an issue for some but the changes wrought from this new/old knowledge are beneficial only. Humanity, as a whole, has learned from past misuse of immense knowledge, still there will be mistrust from some quarters and rightly so. All who hold great knowledge often believe themselves to also hold great power but power must be given by approval of the majority, not assumed by the few. This lesson has been learned by humanity in general, even if, parts of the world seem ignorant of it. The releasing of knowledge is not only for the highly learned nor only for the collective consciousness, every individual will be bestowed with new/old knowledge to benefit their own endeavors, for, you are all learned and worthy. You grow, beloved children, you grow more strongly and quickly than you believe, it is because of this growth and it’s accompanying maturity that the teachers of the universe believe you ready for greater enterprise. They will gently stir the murky waters of your mundane life to promote the opening of the seeds planted in your minds and with joy they will provide the light in which you will bloom. We ask that you allow this, reach for this and rise.



This message has thematic links to a previous message THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE.


hot-air-balloon-2411851_12802068891563.jpgSometimes, when your world seems slightly out of sync and all your plans scatter into pieces, it is easy to believe that it is all your fault and only yours. You know you are an intelligent person, well organized and insightful, you know you  tried your very best, so when all seems failure it must surely be your own fault. Blame for others is an option but most are so convinced that their own will overrides that of others that once again the conclusion is drawn that fault lies only with themselves. ‘Tis true you are solely responsible for your own chosen actions, ‘tis also true your actions will react with the chosen actions of others [ actions your will truly has no sway over ] and thus may produce an undesired result – a failure. Here it needs to be remembered that perceived lack of success does not equal failure. Many a person’s dream has taken many an attempt to fulfil and for some their longed for goal remained unreached upon their exit from life, this is also not defined as failure, for, failure can only be claimed at an ending and how can an ending be claimed, if, you and all that IS, is eternal? Too many times those striving to achieve believe that further unsuccessful attempts would only compound their shame of past failure, so they cease action, we say, there is no need of shame. If the energy of shame is carried through to present actions, life ceases to flow. Flow/synchronicity cannot readily be maintained if weighed down by the heavy energy of shame created by the lie of failure. In part, success is also a lie or at least not truth and it is just as hard to define as an ending or failure. All these named but undefinable, ungraspable, supposed states of being. These” states of being” are not permanent nor truly real, they are no more than their names, names bestowed upon them by the ego and it’s fear. No-one’s life can forever remain under any one of these names, for, they are merely words, they are not real – you, however, are. You are here in this moment and that is achievement enough, you cannot fail life, you have already won. So, beloved children, should you feel any shame for past imagined missteps, see the named lie for what it is and in so doing release the weight of shame to lift yourself back into flow and sync.




body of water under clouds with sun rays
Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

The warmth of the sun suddenly breaking through the clouds of a winters day can warm some more than just physically, it is as if it also brings hope and reassurance that bleak circumstances will not always remain, it is taken as a sign from above. It is said the appearance of a rainbow signifies God’s promise to never again send flood, again, reassurance that bleak times are forever passed. Why is it that humans seek and have need of these assurances? Humans, of this time, are far evolved from primitive man, they have no real need of superstition, no need to fear angry gods, yet, they still seek some form of hope – some promise. Many, still, choose to rely on the physical realm to offer signs, just as their ancestors would have. So, even though evolved, some form of genetic memory filters through to the modern psyche. Surprisingly this is all to the good. Modern and ancient humans share common links no matter the distance between. Humans of old could only relate to their immediate surroundings and it is just so with humans of the now. The natural world around you will gladly provide signs of hope, if, viewed with an open heart and mind, for, your immediate realm is at the same time the entire universe, the entirety of creation and you are also of this. It and you are one and it will communicate with you if you heed it. There is no need to feel foolish or unevolved for choosing to accept what some would see as hokum. The universe turns and shifts for each and every one of you, in your way. It speaks your particular and individual language, it uses your particular and individual signs, it has no need of manmade artifacts. So, should you choose to feel more than warmth when your sun breaks through, should you choose to see meaning behind your rainbow, do so, knowing your universe communicates directly to you, using language only you understand. Look, listen and feel the warmth of hope through any sign you choose beloved children, whether it be considered sacred legend or hokum, choose and heed.