smartphone-1790833_1920In the natural course of everyone’s life many changes occur, physically, spiritually, every aspect of life is subject to change. No one living thing can escape change. It can be difficult for those who believe they have attained their ideal state of being to be faced with changes not sought or desired, some may have struggled for years to achieve this and assumed, once achieved, it would last indefinitely. It is in some way sad that anyone could assume only one state of being could be ideal, as if, only one set of circumstances, only one, could allow them to flourish and be content. What is not being recognized here is that your “ideal state state of being” is not ever about your physical, material surroundings, it is not about the country in which you live nor is it about your financial situation. An ideal state is a state of mind and spirit that travels with you wherever you may go, it is comprised of trust, faith and peace and if you allow yourself to be in and of this state, always, you just may find that the “ideal” is ever present and perpetual, no matter your circumstance or surroundings. Change, as we have said, is inevitable and it’s advent can bring disruption and tension but to mourn the loss of stations obtained is unnecessary, to fear or fight change is to waste energy, for, the ideal state you cling to is fallacy. The ideal state that clings to you, however, is truth. You know that for growth to occur change must also occur. You know that anything that can no longer grow ends, this is the way of life. So, why then would change be seen as an ending only, when truly it is growth, growth that means continued life? This life you lead, this story you tell, has a life of it’s own and it grows and changes also. Life’s life yearns for change, yearns for growth in all directions, never just the one. Allow life to grow and stretch, beloved children, and in so doing truly live the ideal.




tree-in-clouds-by-cocoparisienneThis is the time for all beings to stretch their minds beyond what they think they already know. Past learning is not wrong nor useless but it is merely a stepping stone in the river of knowledge now available to those who seek it. The veils of protection once guarding the mysteries thought too vast to comprehend are beginning to disintegrate, a disintegration brought on by the collective will of humankind. Many have learnt, mostly through hardship, to raise their conscious above their mortal and mundane existence, truly like the lotus bud formed in mud and murk but raising itself from the darkness of it’s origin to bloom in the light. Seeds of thought were planted into the minds of those able to carry them long ago, they have been nurtured and held safe for many years but now is the time for their sprouting.  The missing links needed for long held but incomplete theories will seem to suddenly manifest, most involved will believe that, through persistence, their own minds have finally released the information  – this is only true in part. Though much knowledge is available to any who should seek it all major knowledge is a contained but shared keeping – this is protection. No growth can be instantaneous, no-one is born to the world in one instance to become fully grown in the next, time must be given to evolve and so it is with knowledge, it must slowly evolve but as with human growth, spurts are expected and this time is one such growth spurt for knowledge. Fear may be an issue for some but the changes wrought from this new/old knowledge are beneficial only. Humanity, as a whole, has learned from past misuse of immense knowledge, still there will be mistrust from some quarters and rightly so. All who hold great knowledge often believe themselves to also hold great power but power must be given by approval of the majority, not assumed by the few. This lesson has been learned by humanity in general, even if, parts of the world seem ignorant of it. The releasing of knowledge is not only for the highly learned nor only for the collective consciousness, every individual will be bestowed with new/old knowledge to benefit their own endeavors, for, you are all learned and worthy. You grow, beloved children, you grow more strongly and quickly than you believe, it is because of this growth and it’s accompanying maturity that the teachers of the universe believe you ready for greater enterprise. They will gently stir the murky waters of your mundane life to promote the opening of the seeds planted in your minds and with joy they will provide the light in which you will bloom. We ask that you allow this, reach for this and rise.



This message has thematic links to a previous message THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE.


hot-air-balloon-2411851_12802068891563.jpgSometimes, when your world seems slightly out of sync and all your plans scatter into pieces, it is easy to believe that it is all your fault and only yours. You know you are an intelligent person, well organized and insightful, you know you  tried your very best, so when all seems failure it must surely be your own fault. Blame for others is an option but most are so convinced that their own will overrides that of others that once again the conclusion is drawn that fault lies only with themselves. ‘Tis true you are solely responsible for your own chosen actions, ‘tis also true your actions will react with the chosen actions of others [ actions your will truly has no sway over ] and thus may produce an undesired result – a failure. Here it needs to be remembered that perceived lack of success does not equal failure. Many a person’s dream has taken many an attempt to fulfil and for some their longed for goal remained unreached upon their exit from life, this is also not defined as failure, for, failure can only be claimed at an ending and how can an ending be claimed, if, you and all that IS, is eternal? Too many times those striving to achieve believe that further unsuccessful attempts would only compound their shame of past failure, so they cease action, we say, there is no need of shame. If the energy of shame is carried through to present actions, life ceases to flow. Flow/synchronicity cannot readily be maintained if weighed down by the heavy energy of shame created by the lie of failure. In part, success is also a lie or at least not truth and it is just as hard to define as an ending or failure. All these named but undefinable, ungraspable, supposed states of being. These” states of being” are not permanent nor truly real, they are no more than their names, names bestowed upon them by the ego and it’s fear. No-one’s life can forever remain under any one of these names, for, they are merely words, they are not real – you, however, are. You are here in this moment and that is achievement enough, you cannot fail life, you have already won. So, beloved children, should you feel any shame for past imagined missteps, see the named lie for what it is and in so doing release the weight of shame to lift yourself back into flow and sync.




body of water under clouds with sun rays

The warmth of the sun suddenly breaking through the clouds of a winters day can warm some more than just physically, it is as if it also brings hope and reassurance that bleak circumstances will not always remain, it is taken as a sign from above. It is said the appearance of a rainbow signifies God’s promise to never again send flood, again, reassurance that bleak times are forever passed. Why is it that humans seek and have need of these assurances? Humans, of this time, are far evolved from primitive man, they have no real need of superstition, no need to fear angry gods, yet, they still seek some form of hope – some promise. Many, still, choose to rely on the physical realm to offer signs, just as their ancestors would have. So, even though evolved, some form of genetic memory filters through to the modern psyche. Surprisingly this is all to the good. Modern and ancient humans share common links no matter the distance between. Humans of old could only relate to their immediate surroundings and it is just so with humans of the now. The natural world around you will gladly provide signs of hope, if, viewed with an open heart and mind, for, your immediate realm is at the same time the entire universe, the entirety of creation and you are also of this. It and you are one and it will communicate with you if you heed it. There is no need to feel foolish or unevolved for choosing to accept what some would see as hokum. The universe turns and shifts for each and every one of you, in your way. It speaks your particular and individual language, it uses your particular and individual signs, it has no need of manmade artifacts. So, should you choose to feel more than warmth when your sun breaks through, should you choose to see meaning behind your rainbow, do so, knowing your universe communicates directly to you, using language only you understand. Look, listen and feel the warmth of hope through any sign you choose beloved children, whether it be considered sacred legend or hokum, choose and heed.




corridor-2126910_1920The essence of truth lies in many an old fable. Throughout time mankind has unwittingly placed absolute truth at the heart of make believe and stories, not all story tellers are aware that this is so. Many believe it is simply their imagination being unleashed, that the only source of inspiration is within their own mind. ‘Tis, obviously, true their own minds have a role to play but often the true source is unknowingly beyond the human realm, suspicion of this can arise at times, that searched for perfect phrase may suddenly appear when one has ceased to search and allowed themselves to be distracted by other endeavors. One could assume this is just how the human brain works – perhaps freeing it from focused, concentrated thought allows it enough rest to finally grasp that which it could not when tired from trying. Mmm, or perhaps there could be another influence, one that feels so natural and familiar it could easily be mistaken for an aspect of self. The human brain/mind has many non-physical chambers, some are in constant use and therefore rarely closed up but some have special purpose and are often not only closed but forgotten. It is one of these chambers that is unlocked through the refocusing of thought thus releasing the muse residing within. It is not only true for writers but true in all aspects of creative pursuit. You are all guided and helped through all actions. This does not mean your creations are anything but your own, with out you they would not come to be and full ownership is recognized. Everyone has a muse, whatever your creative field should be. Your muse will guide and support, if, first given the space and opportunity to do so. No artist is left bereft or abandoned, for, an artist of any kind, carries through their work the secrets and truths of the cosmos. A writer writes the words the cosmos cannot be heard saying. A painter paints the images the cosmos cannot achieve. All manifest ideas and thoughts into the world that the cosmos cannot birth alone. Artists are not just creative they assist creation and are assisted in turn – always. So, beloved creators, should inspiration be hard to find, should that phrase you seek seem beyond your reach, pause, clear your minds of unrelenting thought, trust that help can be found patiently waiting within a forgotten chamber, with acceptance that you do not create alone, allow the door to open, step gently aside to make way for the muse and in so doing create with creation itself.




love-580248_1280The light of grace shines on everyone’s life, not always discernable to all but it shines nonetheless. Often glimpses are only noticed in extreme times, times when the pendulum of fate has swung dramatically in either direction. It is understandable that this occurs only then. Heightened emotions, negative or positive, can cause some to seek an answer as to why these events have occurred. So much of life is lived at a steady, mundane level of existence that exceptional circumstances push some to seek the catalyst or reason for their change of situation, even those with no underlying belief or religion, eventually, look for something outside themselves to explain extreme fortune. It can be surprisingly hard for those stoutly opposed to formal religion, or any form of structured belief system, to begin to find answers, for, they do not believe anything other than themselves exists. What then do they thank or blame? Do they merely shrug and accept that this is how life is – up, down and up again or that only they have the power to control anything and with no belief in a guiding, protecting energy on whom or what do they call for reassurance? When this impasse has been reached often enough, with no sure conclusions drawn, many begin to turn their thoughts, if only mildly, they begin to soften their stance of rigid disbelief, most, although now less disapproving, would still not consider organized religion and some would even find the freer, new age doctrines a leap too far, in what then would they choose to believe? Well, our advice is to not try and believe. Belief, in itself, has very little value, for, belief while thought and held in the mind, is not always held in the heart and is therefore just a thought, whereas faith, even if directionless and unfocussed, resides eternally in the heart of every single human, for some this faith lies dormant there until the pendulum of fate swings wildly enough to reveal an ever present radiance, radiance that calls to the faith buried in the heart, for, it is also light and will easily blend with the light of grace and so, we ask, beloved children, that you lay aside belief, for, it is only thought, and in so doing, release the faith you FEEL to join with the light of grace and its’ eternal radiance.




oasis-2335767_1280This is a time of renewal for many, old ways and beliefs are beginning to fall away to be replaced by new thoughts and new un-experienced scenarios are available. The doors of opportunity gradually fall open to reveal new pathways and directions . Not all need to be followed but all are offered for consideration. Choice, as always, is your own and there are no obligations to be met. The story you are here to tell, the part you are to play, still, holds fast but there are a myriad of ways for stories to be told, a myriad of ways to play the one part and all scripts can be ad- libbed at will. It can seem, at times, that past choices were wrong, misguided, that is rarely true, many lessons are learnt from these seeming missteps, lessons that in the long term, often, produce a better result. Knowledge of this is impossible to impart at the time of decision making, for then, the decisions would not be yours, you would be reading from some-one else’s  script and thus not truly playing your part. Your path, and the part you play as you walk it, has great importance to those who walk their own beside you but you do not need to forever walk in the same direction as they, for, not all are meant to stay companions. Some must exit through a different door to yours, this can bring sadness and a little anxiety can be experienced from the changes wrought – here it needs to be remembered that those exiting have done so because they chose to see what was being offered behind their own opening door, just as you may, and in time they may choose another that will lead them back to your side. Do not fear the loss of the old or familiar, beloved children, step lightly through each door you choose, for, all of life’s pathways lead to light and wisdom and all shall reach this destination, no matter the route taken or the company kept, look for the light behind each opening door, look, choose and be peace.




world-1582347_1920As surely as the world turns and night follows day, you are loved, no-one is forsaken, no-one is an exception. This can be hard to discern when life has, seemingly, sent you trial after trial with hardly room in between to breathe but you do breathe, all throughout, no matter your circumstance, no matter what dilemma you face at any given moment. It is in the breath that your essence bides, that heaving, sobbing breath of heartache is still breath,that throaty guffaw of laughter is still breath. All of it is breath, all breath means life and for each and every one of you life means love. You know you came from love, you know you are love at the core but now KNOW that you receive love, always, in every form available, for, love is not only present in peaceful experiences, it can be present in the experiences of disruption and chaos. The teachings obtained from life on the Earth plane cannot forever be taught by the one method, each individual needs tailor made direction and each individual needs, at times, to be challenged. While some of these challenges can be immense, faith needs to be held that they are not punishments sent from above but rather circumstances created by your own divine intelligence to bring you back to the truth that love is all there truly is. We know, that for those of you in dire straits, these words can seem empty and cruel and your Earth bound character may react with anger and resentment but we also know that on a soul level some tiny bit of these words will resonate with you, for, no matter your circumstances of the now, your true self knows the truth of this. Breathe, beloved children, let your body breathe through all that is happening be it war or peace and allow your soul to remember that as surely as night follows day love is all there truly is.




clock-not-usedThe concept of time travel is misunderstood by many, Hollywood films and other forms of fiction, have blurred the edges of the riddle that scientists have sought to solve. Even when the basics of any given formula are interpreted correctly the human brain, even exceptionally gifted ones, tend to be taken over by imagination and remembered fantasies, often, from youth and influenced again by fiction. No matter how mankind will try time travel will never be a part of the human experience, at least, not factually or physically. There is no cosmic reason for any human of this immediate age to visit times past or times future, it would serve no purpose for the individual nor humanity in general. Scientists dream of the knowledge that would be gained by doing so and dreamy youth yearn for the adventure, neither would be satisfied by the truth and being bereft of their own time line would break them, both physically and mentally. We do not discourage the seeking of knowledge, we do not discourage yearning to discover the secrets of reality and we especially do not discourage dreaming. What we do encourage is your presence, full presence, in the now, for, it is in this age, this time line, this very minute, that you exist, this is the time and place you need to be. Your past you is no longer you, your future you is not yet you . Wherever your past you was, in the past, may still , in itself, exist but not as the where that it was when you were there. This is not only true for this lifetime. Imagine, if you will, how far removed you would be from your true self if you were to travel forward or backward through many lifetimes and ages, you could not be exactly where you once were, for, it would not be the same where with you of the now in it and you could not be the same you that you once were, for, you would be the you of the now …… confused? Are you, at this moment, becoming stressed and agitated just by reading and trying to grasp this concept? Can you now imagine actually, physically revisiting the past or future if your mind cannot even tame the confusion while you are still safe in the now? Can you see how this would break a mind? Yet, many of you, unknowingly already experience a taste of this confusion. It may not be the contemplation of travel through many ages, often, it is travel through the years of your life – shorter travel but still confusing enough to potentially break a mind. There is no need for travel through time, be it ages or years. The you of the now is the you that fits perfectly the now, for, only within its’ safety can you be whole and unbroken. Travel contentedly through the now, beloved children, stay here and stay whole.




harmony-2372434_1920n all the world trouble brews, every corner of Earth has its’ own dilemma, it can seem inescapable to some but is it really? Unless you are directly involved, news and knowledge of world troubles is a choice, a choice that must be made over and over. If your part of the world is safe and settled, should it not be possible to greet the day with peace when you arise in the morning? Is it not possible to relish the moment for what it is? When gratitude is silently held for your own safety and peace it gives birth to like energy and that energy can grow and spread outwards. If, when you arise, among your first thoughts are worry for the state of the world outside your own immediate environs, those thoughts also create an energy, a sluggish, fearful energy, one that none wish to see grow. A compassionate heart is a laudable thing but to allow compassion for those less fortunate to manifest to the point where you feel guilt for your safety serves no-one, not you, not those in dire straits and not your world at large. Personal thought energy, pertaining to the world outside your own environment, is much more important than most of you realize, the images and conclusions you form, even if compassionate, when guilt is also present they become negative and therefore add to the negative energy already present. Many of you have been taught from an early age to show interest in the ways of countries not your own, to stay aware of global happenings, all this is good but being aware and interested does not mean casting your guilt energy to them, you are not undeserving of your safety. So, when you arise in the morning and hear of yet another far away tragedy, pause and breathe in, feel the peace within and around you, breathe out and send that same peace outward, this is all you truly can do and it is enough, for, peace and chaos balance finely on the scales of fate, be grateful you dwell on the peaceful side and never send your guilt to weigh down the other. Be peace, beloved children and give more than you know.